So this week, I had my first intro to photoshop! To be completely honest, I have tried it before although my mind wasn’t able to handle the plethora of features that the software threw at my face. This week, however, the introduction was guided by our prof and it was great! Tedious too, however my destiny lies within the media industry, and in this day and age, not knowing the basics of all digital story-telling platforms can be, or rather is definitely something to worry about! But don’t fear, RTA is here!

Our class assignment was to make a postcard for LAS VEGAS! Check it out, I’m quite proud of myself!vegasNight

Sahil Lulla


A synopsis of my life thus far…

To whoever is keen enough to check out this post,

My name is Sahil Lulla, which I am guessing you already know. I am 18 years of age and recently migrated to Canada for university from Singapore. One could say that my life has been a journey of some sorts, why? Well, even though by nationality I am Indian, my parents had no intention of raising me up there, however they wanted me to be an ‘official’ Indian and so I was born in the city of Indian cinema, Mumbai. After which, we moved to Dubai but you may be wondering how I ended up in Singapore, right? Well after a rocky 14 years in Dubai and 1 year in boarding school, my parents got promoted in their positions and that’s how we ended in one of the most expensive cities in the world.

Singapore soon became my home and my passion for cinema struck here. I kept watching youtubers make short films and was completely awestruck when individuals would just pick up their DSLR’s and make a film. I then realised even small production companies utilised this tactic. This led me to think…”Why can’t I do the same?” But everyone does short films, I thought. I had to stand out and do something big. I teamed up with a friend of mine and in about a year, I released my first UN-official film (due to utilization of copyrighted music), The Calling (50 minutes).

In short…the film tackles common teenage predicaments with a cinematic twist. Check out the poster below!

the calling final

Just after the completion of this project, I delved into the broadest and most complex subject known to mankind, philosophy and humanity. After 6 months of research and story-writing, my new screenplay was finally complete. Initially, the story was simple, a common man who dies, realizes his mistakes and is soon reserructed and lives his life the ‘right’ way, however after the process that all of us underwent, Catharsis (87 minutes) evolved into a contemporary re-telling of the Adam and Eve saga through metaphors and was released exactly one year after the Calling.

Catharsis poster

After the premiere of Catharsis, my parents decided that it’s time for me to focus on my studies and thus my filmmaking came to a temporary halt. But anyways, during university applications, I heard about Ryerson’s profound RTA school and figured why not? Upon further research, I was confused on whether to apply to Media Production or New Media and after some self-debate, I came upon a realisation that New Media would broaden my mind into new forms of digital media and would thereby make me more employable and useful in the industry and…that’s my story (in regards to cinema…the social aspect is a whole other ball game but that’s for another time)

Sahil Lulla

*btw KanyeWestIsTheBest*