Goodbye, not really…?

So it’s that time of the year! 2015 is just round the corner and we’ve finally reached the end of the first semester, there’s however 7 more to go! This class has undoubtedly changed my perception on the digital culture within our generation. It additionally allowed me to explore storytelling in a very unconventional manner, such as creating a movie poster and a 10 second teaser for my motion graphics project.

This term has been rather eye opening in terms of what I can do with such softwares, however I feel as if I am not yet ready for intermediate digital media production as all this is new territory to me. Both my projects, however were distinct from one and another, in terms of genre and style. I am, although comfortable with the themes of the poster assignments; youth empowerment, love, drama, comedy as opposed to horror. I still am developing a specific style and as of now experimenting within different genres.


I can’t wait to start more video based projects as it is the realm I am most comfortable in and won’t be as nervous as I was for After Effects or Photoshop. Next semester is going to be the bomb!


Sahil Lulla 🙂


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