Tip Toe…Through the tulips…

My After Effects project seems relatively simple, however to me personally it seems rather complex due to making a 3D space from a 2D image and then create movement within them. That’s the first part, the second part is allowing the color grading of the image becomes darker and grittier as the camera tracks forward in the photo. Finally, the title appears, that emerges from the grungy green background that I created. On the background, there will be a flickering light sort of effect in order to accentuate the overall mood. The following 4 photos illustrate what it looks like;

Hallway 1 Hallway 2 Hallway 3 Final Title

In the final frame, I was thinking of implementing a stuffed animal as it seems rather empty. Furthermore in the third photo, in the last frame, the camera would zoom  right to the end of the corridor and a little figure would appear there, much like the Shining Twins, as Insidious’s horror style is quite akin to The Shining.

Lastly, as the title emerges with the background flickering, a song “tip toe, through the tulips” shall play as well. This song was utilised in all the film trailers and was also in the first film itself. It is an important component to the soundtrack as it really aided in the overall creation of the mood.

Until next time guys, hope you like the project!

Sahil Lulla 🙂


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