The Future of Storytelling?

We are bombarded by information every single day of our lives. The word ‘information’ is synonymous with stories in this current scenarios. Story-telling as a platform as evolved immensely in the 21st century and now they are everywhere. Stories are an imperative component in the structural design of our society. Even during the Victorian times, stories were an imperative notion that maintained a socio-political stand, in order to keep the country united. Our minds, however are highly tuned toward conventional story-telling platforms such as television, films and theatre. This is mainly due to the fact of a cultural evolution of story-telling. Although, if one were to examine every tangible and concrete object, each has it’s own story, photos, keys, billboards, shoes, everything and if one were to expand on this notion, transmedia storytelling comes into play.

On the street, I listened intently, eavesdropping everywhere I could and I realized something very strange. We go through our whole lives confined by our own space, however on the grand scale of things, everyone, together, collectively is in this world together, 7 billion people in this world with 7 billion stories and each artefact they own speak their own stories. As a term, transmedia is essentially a narrative being expressed through multiple platform and all this is possible due to the  digital revolution! I like to call us, The Meta-Generation.

We just learnt about ARG’s (Alternate reality games) and what I consider the embodiment of ‘transmedia’. Out of pure honesty, I would never be part of such a game as it’s simply too much effort! On an off related note, I never used to pay much attention to Transmedia until I got to Ryerson, I barely ever came across the term. I suppose that now it’s time to start paying more attention to Transmedia story telling. The only example that I consciously know of is Avatar Secrets and that is because it’s created by one of my profs!

Until next time!

Sahil Lulla 🙂


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