Them Graphics Bro…

First and foremost, although I am a fan of motion graphics, I haven’t paid much attention to them as every time I watch one, I feel inadequate as I am unable to create such a thing. Anyways, I’ve always found motion graphics rather appealing and highly fluid. An extremely fluid animation captivates my attention almost immediately, however it’s rather ironic as I am a big fan of the shaky cam and documentary style filmmaking, which acts as a direct juxtaposition. The youtube link below is a somewhat fusion of both though, it’s a kinetic typography of one of my favorite scenes in cinema.

This motion graphic video is one that I have watched a plethora of times and show a lot of my friends instead of showing them the scene of the film. Fincher’s Fight Club is undoubtedly my favorite film and ever since I heard of this assignment, I was pretty much set that I would do it on this. Although recently, the author of Fight Club announced the sequel to Fight Club, which would be written in the graphic novel form, so I’m contemplating on doing my assignment on the sequel and the little synopsis that Chuck Palahniuk has provided.

I wish I could post another motion graphics video, but there’s none that I frequently watch and the ones that I’ve come across during random browsing since I was introduced to the internet,  I’ve forgotten. However, in the spirit of this assignment, I did try to google some to find some I like and I came accross this link, which is the best motion graphics of 2013, my favorite of them is OSCILLATE

So, that’s it for today! I hope you all are looking forward for Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar! (Which he stole from Steven Spielberg btw :O)

Sahil Lulla 🙂


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