Generation Z presents…Rise of Digital Media

Within the last 10 years, the technology has been evolving at an exponential rate, and has undoubtedly altered the very fabric of our lives. We have delved into an era of consumer convenience. Think about it, 10 years ago, if you were going to your friend’s new house for the very first time and he gave you and address, it would take ages just to figure out how to get there, however now all we need to do is punch the information on our phone and google would do the rest. ALL HAIL GOOGLE, seriously, what would we do without it? Now, imagine this, imagine after being exposed to all this technology and being spoilt with facebook, whatsapp, instagram, snapchat, music players, imagine you are being transported back 15 years, where walkman’s were the only source of portable music and the horrible radio on your non-colored Nokia Cell Phone, how different would life be? The frustration would reach to incomprehensible levels.

10 years from now, who knows what the world will be like?
For our assignment, we were asked to keep a 24 hour digital diary and I was absolutely shocked to realize how much of my phone I use in a day. On an average of 5 times in class, sometimes even if there’s no message, just because I’m used to it. If I’m standing in line somewhere, listening to music isn’t enough, I end up using snapchat and sending random photos to my friends or scroll through a plethora of photos on instagram. It’s CRAZY! There wasn’t a single moment in my entire day where my mind wasn’t occupied! I guess it’s the reason why more and more people are developing ADHD. However, “me-time” is extremely important to me, and I’ve been practicing it for a few years now. Every morning before my day and every night, before going to bed, I isolate myself from the world at large for 10 moments and focus on my thoughts. But other than those mere 20 minutes, I was engulfed into the world of social media.
Okay so infographics, once again, there’s a whole culture behind this. You might think it’s random for me to randomly bring up infographics when I’m talking about social media and our world. However, it comes under the umbrella of consumer convenience as infographics are crafted in a manner which is easy to interpret for the audience. Although, infographics are meant to be easy to comprehend, there are some ridiculous one’s. Personally, I love infographics, I believe it is the perfect form of manipulation in terms of posters and communicating to the public. The following are two simple but effective infographics…
 jamesbond smoking2
It is true that humanity is progressing at an exponential rate, however there is a theory that entails, an abundance of progress can lead toward a progress trap, thereby reversing the role of progress and causing humanity to regress. For example, during the tribal times, man had to kill animale in order to present food for the family and ensure their survival. Man then created the speer, technological progress that made human in terms of finding food easier. So instead of killing 1 deer a day, man killed 2 deers a day. However, if man were to find a way to kill 1000 deers in a day, for example by creating a hoard and leading them to a cliff which they would fall off from, then humanity has reached a progression trap, as this would result in adverse effects in the ecological cycle by means of disrupting the food chain. This analogy can be applied in today’s world and how such technology (social media) is affecting our generation. It is crazily evident that we use our cell phones way too much, and we are either on our phones and our computers, our interaction with digital media is much more than human interaction as even during human interaction, we still utilize our phones.
Are we descending into a collective apathy? Or is such technology actually good for us? The ambiguity of this answer reflects upon the central predicament of our current generation.
Sahil Lulla 🙂

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