Sands of an Hourglass (2015)

Sands of an Hourglass is my upcoming film and is a coming of age comedy drama film, which delves into the theme of youth empowerment. Upon hearing about our Photoshop assignment, I was immediately inspired to make a film poster for Sands of an Hourglass as there would be an immense pressure and motivation to get it done well. Since I have had no experience in Photoshop before this course, I decided to adopt my favorite director’s principle, which is to capture as much as you can on camera thus my poster heavily relies on the natural visual aesthetics of the photo as opposed to any digital manipulation and/or effects.

In addition to this, I had to bear in mind that my cast is still not set in stone and this would merely be a teaser poster, however it yet had to be a snapshot of the themes of the film and after a few drafts that I dumped into the trash, I finally arrived to this one, which was heavily inspired by Christopher Nolan’s upcoming film, Interstellar’s poster.

Interstellar-2014-Movie-Poster (1)


The simplistic nature of the poster is what stemmed the initial idea of framing a poster in such a manner. Moreover, to accentuate the mood and the themes of the film, I decided to add a tagline which provides a hint to the audience what direction the film will be going in, although it is short enough to retain film’s ambiguity and mystery.

Although the poster heavily relies on the photo and visual aesthetics, using Photoshop was still not an easy task. It was extremely difficult to capture the essence of the film and make it appealing toward the desired demographic, which would be 15-28 year olds, males and females. There were issues with the colors of the font in conjunction to the colors of the grass, as I wanted to have the black and white contrast, however the different shades of the grass often camouflaged my letters. I asked a few friends on my floor on how to overcome this, and the response was fairly simple, thereby making me look a little silly.

Furthermore, the main issue I had was choosing the photo to use for the poster, as there were quite a few to choose from. We posed differently for different photos and finally ended up picking this particular photo. The issue was that, this photo, when taken was in fact, disregarded as the camera was framed differently and the actors weren’t center aligned. However, upon viewing the photo on the desktop, the sense of imperfection captured a sense of beauty and mirrors the film’s themes perfectly. I asked around as well, and most people picked this photo, thereby assuring me that this was the photo to be used for the poster.

In the end, I am quite satisfied with the poster, especially considering it was my first attempt. However, I was limited too, as this film is a project that I am currently working on and have no cast yet, and thus the poster had to be a teaser, thereby not having any faces in the poster. With this in mind, I had to frame the entire poster, which took some time. Other than that, my experience was extremely enlightening as it opened up the world of Photoshop to me, and although I have just taken a mere step, at least I have entered the digital realm.

Sands of an Hourglass

Sahil Lulla 🙂


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