Christopher Nolan’s upcoming feature Interstellar is going to be the topic of discussion today! (A personal favourite) I suppose film comes under the digital media realm. However, Mr Nolan only films on celluloid, through that logic, does Interstellar come under the digital realm? Of course it does. Why? Simply because it involves digital technology, example? CGI!

Mr Nolan is a personal idol, he has revolutionized the superhero genre, however he is often considered to be the best and the worst thing for the superhero genre as every film tries to adopt a darker tone in order to portray some sort of realism! Man of Steel and Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier are two such examples.

The digital revolution that recently occurred in the film industry has made traditional directors feel forced to be a part of this change. Quentin Tarantino explicitly stated that he would stop making films if celluloid became extinct. Furthermore, Christopher Nolan stated that he couldn’t see himself making films if he had to shift to digital cameras.

Anyways, back to Interstellar, the prescreening is recently going on, in fact, the pre-pre-screening as the official pre-screening is  between the 4th and the 7th, which is literally next week! My tickets are already booked for the 6th. The pre-screening is only being shown in 250 screens across North America and primary in film formats, thus the official REAL IMAX 70MM!!!

No one knows much about the story as it has been kept a secret, people are still speculating who Matt Damon is in the film. The early reactions have been pretty great so far for the film, giving it the top rating in IMDB! That’s gotta count for something. One critic explicitly stated “Take that, Gravity!” Well, I suppose he’s right!

It’s crazy how Mr Nolan took this film from the great Spielberg, did he back down? Was he forced out? That part still remains a mystery? If you don’t know the backstory, here it is. Basically, Interstellar had been in pre-production since 2005 where Jonathan Nolan (Christopher’s brother) was writing the screenplay for Spielberg to direct. However, he kept bouncing ideas of with his brother and soon Christopher Nolan got invested into it and took over the project. That’s all we know…so far!

Anyways, this is part 1 of my blogger’s choice! I will post a review this time next week! So expect 2 blog posts next week!

Sahil Lulla 🙂


Them Graphics Bro…

First and foremost, although I am a fan of motion graphics, I haven’t paid much attention to them as every time I watch one, I feel inadequate as I am unable to create such a thing. Anyways, I’ve always found motion graphics rather appealing and highly fluid. An extremely fluid animation captivates my attention almost immediately, however it’s rather ironic as I am a big fan of the shaky cam and documentary style filmmaking, which acts as a direct juxtaposition. The youtube link below is a somewhat fusion of both though, it’s a kinetic typography of one of my favorite scenes in cinema.

This motion graphic video is one that I have watched a plethora of times and show a lot of my friends instead of showing them the scene of the film. Fincher’s Fight Club is undoubtedly my favorite film and ever since I heard of this assignment, I was pretty much set that I would do it on this. Although recently, the author of Fight Club announced the sequel to Fight Club, which would be written in the graphic novel form, so I’m contemplating on doing my assignment on the sequel and the little synopsis that Chuck Palahniuk has provided.

I wish I could post another motion graphics video, but there’s none that I frequently watch and the ones that I’ve come across during random browsing since I was introduced to the internet,  I’ve forgotten. However, in the spirit of this assignment, I did try to google some to find some I like and I came accross this link, which is the best motion graphics of 2013, my favorite of them is OSCILLATE

So, that’s it for today! I hope you all are looking forward for Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar! (Which he stole from Steven Spielberg btw :O)

Sahil Lulla 🙂

Generation Z presents…Rise of Digital Media

Within the last 10 years, the technology has been evolving at an exponential rate, and has undoubtedly altered the very fabric of our lives. We have delved into an era of consumer convenience. Think about it, 10 years ago, if you were going to your friend’s new house for the very first time and he gave you and address, it would take ages just to figure out how to get there, however now all we need to do is punch the information on our phone and google would do the rest. ALL HAIL GOOGLE, seriously, what would we do without it? Now, imagine this, imagine after being exposed to all this technology and being spoilt with facebook, whatsapp, instagram, snapchat, music players, imagine you are being transported back 15 years, where walkman’s were the only source of portable music and the horrible radio on your non-colored Nokia Cell Phone, how different would life be? The frustration would reach to incomprehensible levels.

10 years from now, who knows what the world will be like?
For our assignment, we were asked to keep a 24 hour digital diary and I was absolutely shocked to realize how much of my phone I use in a day. On an average of 5 times in class, sometimes even if there’s no message, just because I’m used to it. If I’m standing in line somewhere, listening to music isn’t enough, I end up using snapchat and sending random photos to my friends or scroll through a plethora of photos on instagram. It’s CRAZY! There wasn’t a single moment in my entire day where my mind wasn’t occupied! I guess it’s the reason why more and more people are developing ADHD. However, “me-time” is extremely important to me, and I’ve been practicing it for a few years now. Every morning before my day and every night, before going to bed, I isolate myself from the world at large for 10 moments and focus on my thoughts. But other than those mere 20 minutes, I was engulfed into the world of social media.
Okay so infographics, once again, there’s a whole culture behind this. You might think it’s random for me to randomly bring up infographics when I’m talking about social media and our world. However, it comes under the umbrella of consumer convenience as infographics are crafted in a manner which is easy to interpret for the audience. Although, infographics are meant to be easy to comprehend, there are some ridiculous one’s. Personally, I love infographics, I believe it is the perfect form of manipulation in terms of posters and communicating to the public. The following are two simple but effective infographics…
 jamesbond smoking2
It is true that humanity is progressing at an exponential rate, however there is a theory that entails, an abundance of progress can lead toward a progress trap, thereby reversing the role of progress and causing humanity to regress. For example, during the tribal times, man had to kill animale in order to present food for the family and ensure their survival. Man then created the speer, technological progress that made human in terms of finding food easier. So instead of killing 1 deer a day, man killed 2 deers a day. However, if man were to find a way to kill 1000 deers in a day, for example by creating a hoard and leading them to a cliff which they would fall off from, then humanity has reached a progression trap, as this would result in adverse effects in the ecological cycle by means of disrupting the food chain. This analogy can be applied in today’s world and how such technology (social media) is affecting our generation. It is crazily evident that we use our cell phones way too much, and we are either on our phones and our computers, our interaction with digital media is much more than human interaction as even during human interaction, we still utilize our phones.
Are we descending into a collective apathy? Or is such technology actually good for us? The ambiguity of this answer reflects upon the central predicament of our current generation.
Sahil Lulla 🙂

Sands of an Hourglass (2015)

Sands of an Hourglass is my upcoming film and is a coming of age comedy drama film, which delves into the theme of youth empowerment. Upon hearing about our Photoshop assignment, I was immediately inspired to make a film poster for Sands of an Hourglass as there would be an immense pressure and motivation to get it done well. Since I have had no experience in Photoshop before this course, I decided to adopt my favorite director’s principle, which is to capture as much as you can on camera thus my poster heavily relies on the natural visual aesthetics of the photo as opposed to any digital manipulation and/or effects.

In addition to this, I had to bear in mind that my cast is still not set in stone and this would merely be a teaser poster, however it yet had to be a snapshot of the themes of the film and after a few drafts that I dumped into the trash, I finally arrived to this one, which was heavily inspired by Christopher Nolan’s upcoming film, Interstellar’s poster.

Interstellar-2014-Movie-Poster (1)


The simplistic nature of the poster is what stemmed the initial idea of framing a poster in such a manner. Moreover, to accentuate the mood and the themes of the film, I decided to add a tagline which provides a hint to the audience what direction the film will be going in, although it is short enough to retain film’s ambiguity and mystery.

Although the poster heavily relies on the photo and visual aesthetics, using Photoshop was still not an easy task. It was extremely difficult to capture the essence of the film and make it appealing toward the desired demographic, which would be 15-28 year olds, males and females. There were issues with the colors of the font in conjunction to the colors of the grass, as I wanted to have the black and white contrast, however the different shades of the grass often camouflaged my letters. I asked a few friends on my floor on how to overcome this, and the response was fairly simple, thereby making me look a little silly.

Furthermore, the main issue I had was choosing the photo to use for the poster, as there were quite a few to choose from. We posed differently for different photos and finally ended up picking this particular photo. The issue was that, this photo, when taken was in fact, disregarded as the camera was framed differently and the actors weren’t center aligned. However, upon viewing the photo on the desktop, the sense of imperfection captured a sense of beauty and mirrors the film’s themes perfectly. I asked around as well, and most people picked this photo, thereby assuring me that this was the photo to be used for the poster.

In the end, I am quite satisfied with the poster, especially considering it was my first attempt. However, I was limited too, as this film is a project that I am currently working on and have no cast yet, and thus the poster had to be a teaser, thereby not having any faces in the poster. With this in mind, I had to frame the entire poster, which took some time. Other than that, my experience was extremely enlightening as it opened up the world of Photoshop to me, and although I have just taken a mere step, at least I have entered the digital realm.

Sands of an Hourglass

Sahil Lulla 🙂