Digital Media…? Waddup!

Until about a year ago, I got introduced the term ‘digital media’ and failed to understand as to why people use the word digital alongside it. Wasn’t all media digital? Then I thought, perhaps we view media on digital platforms and thus I automatically relate media to ‘digital’. After some research I was shocked to learn how a digital revolution is occurring within the film industry. Celluloid and film culture is slowly being eradicated! Visionary filmmaker, Christopher Nolan infact invited a few directors such as Jon Favreau for a viewing of the prologue for The Dark Knight Rises, which was shot in IMAX celluloid. He stressed the importance of celluloid and how it’s the finest quality in the market and such culture should not be left behind. There are a few directors much like Nolan who are highly traditional such as Quentin Tarantino and David. O. Russell. Tarantino in fact stated that he hates digital cinematography and may retire as a director if he can’t shoot on film, he believes that digital cinema is basically TV on the big screen. However some directors such as, David Fincher love the idea of digital and is always utilizing the latest digital cinema technology for his films. Personally, I would love to shoot on celluloid at least once in my lifetime, however I believe that by the time I graduated from Ryerson, it will be extinct.

Anyways, let’s get back on track. My experience in the digital media world was mainly shooting videos with my DSLR and editing them on FCPX. I’m not sure if that counts, but I believe it should as it comes under the term ‘digital media’. Photoshop and After Effects are two softwares I never explored but always wanted to, but now I wish that I had! After my first intro to photoshop class, I feel left behind as one of my friends is a photoshop wizz and completed his assignment within the first 5 minutes, when it took me around half hour! I can’t even imagine what’s going to happen during After Effects. YOUTUBE TUTORIALS!!!!!

In all seriousness, I’m extremely glad that we are learning these two softwares in our first year as by the end of the 4 years we all probably will be masters of it and evolve immensely! Digital Media Production is the class I wait every week for as I finally get to learn softwares which, I’ve always had the desire to master! What’s so brilliant is that I feel as if I’m not in an academic course as I am literally studying my passion! That sounded so cliché when I re-read it but whatever. Back in my high school, I had no one to talk to about media as everyone was either into business or engineering but here in RTA, it’s crazy! Students already have jobs as graphic designers or are working and earning money! I used to think I was special, but now I’ve been exposed to a whole new world, a world of endless possibilities and I love it!

Can’t wait till the next class!

So goodnight everyone! See you’ll next week!

Sahil Lulla


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